The Meaning of Christmas

Posted: December 12, 2009 in Christmastime

As Christmas approaches many of us will remember simpler times, when Christmas meant playing the good shepherd in the school play, trying not to touch Grandmother’s crèche on the front console, sharing unabashed greetings of “Merry Christmas!” and trying to find or make something special to give to our loved ones.

Now it seems that Christmas is in danger of being tossed out with “please” and “thank you” as the onslaught of crass commercialism demands, louder and LOUDER, that we BUY EVERYTHING in the store or, worse yet, BUY EVERYTHING in the store as a HAPPY HOLIDAYS present!

Christmas is and will always be in our hearts very special.  It is a time to celebrate the birth of Our Lord, the Bringer of Light.  It is also a time to remember how precious our moments are on this earth and how He would have us spend them.

So let us be kind to all, smile at one another in acknowledgement of this special time, see the lights and hear the laughter, and quietly pray for guidance in the new year.



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