We are all Rudy Now

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Uncategorized


 “A conservative victory in 2010 is now imperative. No major social legislation like this has survived without bipartisan support. This DeathCare monster does not, nor does it deserve to survive. I realize it will be complicated but this sort of crap can, and will be, reversed. The job of a congress held by conservatives will be to make the Obama administration an ineffective, irrelevant cardboard cutout, they will hold down the fort until we can say the words “President Palin.” – Tammy Bruce

As anyone who is a fan of Governor Sarah Palin knows, one of her favorite movies is Rudy[i], a portrayal of a feisty underdog who against great odds finally makes the cut, leading his team to victory against an entrenched opponent.  Now, We the People having understudied all year at Tea Parties far and wide are ready to step into this role. We are the seemingly hopeless underdog, derided and ridiculed at every step by the Liberal Left and its media. Having practiced all year in all weathers, we are ready to step out onto our field of dreams under the spotlights of history.  The opposition we face is entrenched, hell bent on destroying our American dream, and who would rule our futures motivated by ‘rules for radicals’.  But we must not shrink back.  Even if the game calls made by the Main Stream Media (MSM) are unfair, constantly taunting us to cow our opposition, we must persevere. 

For we have an advantage. Linked together via the Internet, we finally got ourselves out of the locker room and onto the field.  We have read and studied their tactics, e.g., their Cloward-Piven[ii] “create a crisis” playbook: to invent a crisis, then throw large chunks of tax money at it, overwhelming the ability of the government to support it.  It is a strategy that intends to put our entire society on one form of social welfare or another through reckless spending. 

 Indeed, we have watched from the locker room all year as their team flagrantly abuses our tax money to fund their “get in line” organizations such as SEIU, ACORN, using paybacks in the form of pensions, perks and pay scales we can only dream of.  We have silently fumed as congressional servants amass and pass legislation bordering on unconstitutional control, while local stores and jobs disappear. We have watched with jaw-dropping umbrage as an imperial Congress continues to live it to the hilt in pay raises, government expansion, and corruption breathtaking in audacity, including a Democratic Congressman (Mark Baucus, MT) using our tax money to give his mistress a pay raise.  Even Bernie Madoff could recognize from a mile off that siphoning money from one coffer to pay another upon demand and living on the difference is indeed one big Ponzi scheme about to collapse.

Finally, after a year of disingenuous media nipping at our heels, we are beginning the serious work of organizing nationwide, naming our leaders, and preparing for our debut onto the field. We are suited up, and have offered our team prayers.  We know our game plan by heart:  to clean their clocks in the approaching elections of 2010.  We face an out of control government and a weak opposition in Congress, with party backers that seem to have any number of designations for us except ‘citizen’.  In this seeming first quarter, they have all but driven us back into our own end zone.  For many of us we have reached a point where we feel driven off a cliff and into a bottomless abyss of debt and unemployment from which it will be very tough to crawl our way back.   There is much at stake.

But just as Rudy made the cut for a “must do” team through sheer determination and guts, and even with our backs to the wall, we too must remain just as determined in 2010 to win back America.  It is indeed time to ‘win one for the Gipper.”  So that we can say, looking back from 2010-2012, that we the generation beget by the Greatest Generation, when our time came up to win, we hit it straight through the uprights and right out of the park.

[i] Rudy, a 1993 film directed by David Anspaugh is an account of the life of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, who harbored dreams of playing football at the University of Notre Dame despite significant obstacles.

[ii] Cloward-Piven is a strategy used to redistribute wealth into social programs funded through the state tax coffers.  “The socialist test case for using society’s poor and disadvantaged people as sacrificial “shock troops,” in accordance with the Cloward–Piven strategy, was demonstrated in 1975, when new prospective welfare recipients flooded New York City with payment demands, which may have contributed to the bankrupting of the state government.”

  1. MissPlacedLoyalties says:

    Wonderful piece, GC, because it gets me fired up instead of merely fed up. The movement is underway, big time, and will only grow stronger and stronger from here on in.

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