While our ayes for Scott Brown are on “Massachusettes”

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Conservatism's Resolve, Economy, Resistance
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While almost every Tea Party Patriot has their “ayes” set for Scott Brown, their attention focused on the current Senate race in Massachusetts, across America voters of every state are showing similar muscle in forming a strong resistance to the current insanity that passes for legislation these days in Washington.  Not only are the Tea Party activists alive and well, but the rallying points flame hotter than ever as the incumbancy and arrogance of the Socialist Democrats continues to threaten our country’s future.  The themes of the Tea Party movement that erupted into a walking groundswell in 2009 are back with busloads of reinforcements in 2010. 

“Tea Party rally targets incumbents, government spending”

Published 01/14/10

Hundreds of conservative Tea Party activists swooped into Annapolis last night on the first day of the 2010 legislative session, ostensibly to protest Maryland’s economic woes and incumbent politicians’ efforts to solve them.

Photo by Paul W. Gillespie of The Capital Gazette —  Hundreds of people crammed into Lawyers Mall last night to protest on a broad range of conservative issues. Busloads of people came from around the state to join the crowd.

But speakers at the rally that packed Lawyers Mall mentioned the economy just briefly. Many went to the podium to hit on other conservative hot-button issues like gerrymandering, illegal immigration, “government” health care, preserving the 10th Amendment, and cap-and-trade legislation.

Read the rest of the story HERE.

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