Sarah’s Army of Davids…

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

When Sarah spoke at the 100th anniversary dinner at the Reagan Ranch Center last night, she embodied in her the speech, the heart and soul of Reagan-style conservatism: that the country is not going to go down without a fight, and that fight will be waged by ‘an army of Davids’, i.e, the heartwood and rootstock of the Tea Party who will not let our country be sold out into some kind of weird socialist ‘paradise’, despite what some pollsters may claim as our future.

Sarah spoke to a real fear out there as burgeoning debt and government regulations limit hiring. She also spoke about the dangers of big-government joining big-business in a cronyism that would lead to the government entering even more into our marketplace, forcing its eco-agenda on us when other solutions offer more return on investment. The nanny-statism of the Left is not in the best interests of this country, with its politically correct paradise that includes an eco-terrorism that would deny water to once prosperous farms in the Simi Valley. As we all know by now, the agenda of the new world, the would-be order of the current socialist regime in Washington differs markedly from the mainstream of America’s interests, from how we intend to use our hard-earned wealth, to how we intend to go about our business of earning a living without worrying about which lightbulbs we’re ‘allowed’ to buy.

As Palin so rightly pointed out, it is up not going to be up to one special person here in America, but to every one of us now, to embolden ourselves enough to care about the future of this country, to stay united in our determination to stop the Goliath of unwanted intrusion and in-your-face government nannyism by a government that has grown too big for its britches. For far too long its agenda of over-reach and nannyism been allowed to pervade our homes, schools and businesses. It’s time to sent the politics of Left packing out the side door by the garbage pile where it belongs.


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