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UPDATE: Tammy Bruce has provided a link to “…one of the authors of Arizona’s SB 1070, who has written an op-ed piece rebutting each of the criticisms of the bill. Please do read it for more ammunition in answering whatever mindless, hysterical liberals you encounter.”

Kobach: Why Arizona Drew a Line

(Excerpt) “ON Friday, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed a law — SB 1070 — that prohibits the harboring of illegal aliens and makes it a state crime for an alien to commit certain federal immigration crimes. It also requires police officers who, in the course of a traffic stop or other law-enforcement action, come to a “reasonable suspicion” that a person is an illegal alien verify the person’s immigration status with the federal government.”


The recent law in Arizona granting police the right to demand identification is Arizona flexing its legal muscle to protect its borders during a time of land invasion, i.e., by Mexican citizens. Why would such action be different from any one of us attempting to cross into Mexico, with no thought respecting the sovereignty of that nation and its borders?  Mexican drug cartel and violence by those here illegally will continue to escalate  because our boundaries are weak or not enforced. Ignoring the consequences of such bullying will continue to leave American dead, and mountains of trash and dead animals rotting in its wake.Entering Arizona on I-10 Westbound

The new law has drawn the ire of liberal immigration protesters, who demonstrate loudly, threatening to boycott Arizona.  Go for it lefties.  Make a lot of noise, like a Halloween monster out scaring little kids.  LSM talk shows and screen shots draw attention to vocal, screaming opposition, injecting fear of more violence into the message, making it seem like more people are against than for it.  When are they going to show the rancher who was shot, or the countless lives lost on our highways from illegals who can’t be prosecuted without a legal identity in this country?  The LSM spin leaves out the obvious: the law effectively establishes the sovereign right of the state of Arizona to set boundaries, protecting it from further violation.

Hmmm…let’s see — do you drive without a license? Can you apply for most jobs without proof of citizenship (the purpose of e-Verify)? What about a background check for a loan, or a job?  These are on the spot demands to show proof of identification.  Ante up or no job, loan, college application, driver’s license, USPS postal box, forwarding address request, marriage license, school entrance, candidacy (oops — another issue?), security clearance, ad infinitum.  Federal and state government and businesses already demand such proof.  Arizona should not have to justify to the liberal left their sovereign right to enact laws protecting not only borders but residents during a time of invasion.  The liberal left does not own this country, the People, through what used to be our representation do.  It would seem that the Lame Stream Media still thinks they know what’s best for us, as they pat us on the head, spin us around, and shove us out their back door.  They are not living at the border.

The governor of  Arizona took measures to reduce not only escalating violence, but human trafficking across her state borders.  Meanwhile her state’s residents quietly attempt to clean up the mess in the desert.  More power to them.

"Bordering on Insanity" Courtesy of Zack Rawsthorne of Diversity Lane

“They are business executives. Political movers and shakers. Sports icons. Media moguls. They’re the most prominent women who are redefining womanhood in 21st-century America…From Sarah Pali to Oprah Winfrey to Kathy Ireland to Suzy Welch to Ivanka Trump, these women share several traits: They’re smart, independent, successful, and they’re shaping feminism today — even if it means being a mom and raising kids!” — Newsmax article,  “Sarah Palin and the Leaders of the Newer Feminism”

In case the writers of that article missed it, the real women leaders of America today, with the exception of Sarah Palin are not in the list Newsmax has hyped.  The real feminist leaders “redefining womanhood in 21st-century America” are the women busy organizing and supporting the efforts of the tea parties to keep safe our country.  These are the women who have not forgotten what happened to Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential election, where in the real world the forgotten man turned out to be a woman.  

America’s mainstream feminists are not going to forget how the LSM treated Hillary Clinton, nor are not going to forget how the LSM savaged Sarah Palin and her children.  And they are not going to forget how the LSM ridiculed Carrie Prejean, pounding her with its anti-mainstay family agenda, while many women today struggle to hold their families together in an economic climate made up of hopeful strawpaper.  NopeWe will not forget what the media did to political hopefuls who happened to be women, and the ruin of our economy by socialist Democrats out to run this nation into the ground.

So here’s an invitation to the sewer rats of the LSM that work for Soros, the Girls of Alaska, and the DNC drones who have littered the Internet with miles and miles of nasty remarks about Palin:  meet the millions of women of the tea parties who are organizing to get out the vote, and who will be rallying round our flag and our country during the elections of 2010.  Because when momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

And last I checked, women have been business executives, political movers, sports and media leaders — since forever!  Nope, the “feminism shaping” today is not about burning our underwear, walking around topless, or buying into NOW’s latest out-of-touch vision of what we are supposed to be at all.  It’s about realizing that women have been quietly contributing without fanfare to the needs of their families, their country and their jobs every day.  And if we need some feminist organization or media hype artist defining our heroines, or our new place in today’s society, we’ll let you know. 

God Bless America!

Joe 'The Plumber' Wurzelbacher Once again Joe 'the Plumber' Wurzelbacher steps forward and asks the political elitists some questions for America, like 'why do you keep wasting our tax money on fools errands?'


You Don’t Need a Washington Task Force to Understand the Middle Class

by Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher , as posted on Big Government, February 1 , 2010

It was kind of hard to stop laughing when I read that Joe Biden is leading a Task Force to study what’s on the mind of middle class Americans. Give me a break.


It would be funny if it were not so sad that those in Washington need a special commission to figure out what America thinks. How can we be represented in the first place if the people we hired to carry our hopes and fears are so clueless?

Here’s my suggestion Mr. Biden—take a trip to any town or city and sit down for an early breakfast in a coffee shop. Stop talking long enough to listen. Try a barber or beauty shop for the same lesson. Have a beer in a tavern. The key here, Mr. Biden—and all you folks from Washington, D.C. who have become so frightened that people are expressing their independent will at the polls—is to stop pontificating long enough to actually hear what we are saying.”

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The following is from an article originally published in the Team Sarah NewsletterTeam Sarah Conservative Voice“, January 1, 2010 by Thomas S. Schmitz. (Used with permission.)  

Gobblygook by Zack Rathsane

Gobbledygook by Zack Rawsthorne

 Our country is in the midst of a civil war. President Barack Obama and his minions of intellectual imperialists have declared war on the citizens of our republic. As loyal cadets of the silent majority we must stand up to their assault on our freedoms and traditional American values. If we want our children to grow up in the same America we know and love, now is the time to speak our minds and say enough is enough. 

  We adults must begin to break our silence as the left’s platform of political correctness intentionally seeks to undermine the role of the parent and destroy individualism. We must make time to read every school notice, regularly attend PTA meetings, and have parent teacher conferences. We must not be afraid to pick up the phone or write letters of complaint to networks when we see children’s media complicit in the attack on parental rights.  As members of the silent majority we have always embraced politeness and caution in voicing our sociological views. Our “preaching to the choir mentality” is a luxury we can no longer afford. In today’s political climate, we must confront those who seek to destroy our culture. 

  The cult of political correctness has been slowly dictating to us for quite a while and we didn’t even notice it. We laughed it off when teachers were bullied into not grading papers with a red pen because red is too aggressive, stressful and demoralizing. We listened civilly to the politically correct puppets obvious anti-competitiveness argument that the American institutions of dodge ball and tag were too hostile and victimizing to children. We raised eyebrows in California when children were banned from the four-decade long tradition of wearing pilgrim and Indian costumes for the school Thanksgiving pageant under the guise of sensitivity. How much longer are we going to accommodate these strikes against our children and our American heritage? 

 In order to understand the left’s fascination with political correctness we must first understand its goal and where this dangerous concept came from. It was developed by the Frankfurt School in New York. Originally the Frankfurt School was a think tank called “The Institute for Social Research” in Frankfurt Germany. Their initial job was finding what would be Russia’s biggest obstacle in spreading communism across the world. They found it to be the conviction of pro-individualism in Europe and North America’s modern culture. This went against communism’s core argument that acceptable thought comes only from the collective, not the individual. 

 After moving to New York, these group thinkers used a combination of psychological conditioning with business monikers and popular phrases. The purpose of this combination? By changing people’s language, they could control people’s belief system. This immoral brainchild is not change we can believe in nor is it American in any way. As adults we must continue to stand up and speak out against political correctness, or one day in the not so near future our children and their children will no longer answer to themselves. Rather, they will answer to Washington, and to answer to Washington in recent times is to answer to the Beast.

 — Thomas S. Schmitz, Team Sarah