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Sarah’s Army of Davids…

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When Sarah spoke at the 100th anniversary dinner at the Reagan Ranch Center last night, she embodied in her the speech, the heart and soul of Reagan-style conservatism: that the country is not going to go down without a fight, and that fight will be waged by ‘an army of Davids’, i.e, the heartwood and rootstock of the Tea Party who will not let our country be sold out into some kind of weird socialist ‘paradise’, despite what some pollsters may claim as our future.

Sarah spoke to a real fear out there as burgeoning debt and government regulations limit hiring. She also spoke about the dangers of big-government joining big-business in a cronyism that would lead to the government entering even more into our marketplace, forcing its eco-agenda on us when other solutions offer more return on investment. The nanny-statism of the Left is not in the best interests of this country, with its politically correct paradise that includes an eco-terrorism that would deny water to once prosperous farms in the Simi Valley. As we all know by now, the agenda of the new world, the would-be order of the current socialist regime in Washington differs markedly from the mainstream of America’s interests, from how we intend to use our hard-earned wealth, to how we intend to go about our business of earning a living without worrying about which lightbulbs we’re ‘allowed’ to buy.

As Palin so rightly pointed out, it is up not going to be up to one special person here in America, but to every one of us now, to embolden ourselves enough to care about the future of this country, to stay united in our determination to stop the Goliath of unwanted intrusion and in-your-face government nannyism by a government that has grown too big for its britches. For far too long its agenda of over-reach and nannyism been allowed to pervade our homes, schools and businesses. It’s time to sent the politics of Left packing out the side door by the garbage pile where it belongs.

Here is the text of the letter presented by Jon Voight on Fox New’s, “Huckabee” show:

“In one year, the American people are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchestrated by President Obama and his whole administration.

The lie is a potent aggression that feeds the needs of people who either have not educated themselves enough to understand the assault upon us all or the very poor and needy who live to be taken care of.

President Obama feeds these people poison, giving them the idea that they are entitled to take from the wealthier who have lived and worked in a democracy that understands that capitalism is the only truth that keeps a nation healthy and fed.

Now the lie goes very deep and President Obama has been cleverly trained in the Alinsky method and it would be very important that every American knows what that method is. It is a socialistic, Marxist teaching and with it, little by little, he rapes this nation, taking down our defenses, making new language for the Islamic extremists. The world looked up to us as a symbol of hope and prosperity now wonders what will become of the entire world if America is losing its power.

The American people who understand exactly what is taking place have come together in the thousands, vowing to try to stay together as a unit of love and freedom for all men and women, from all walks of life, shivering to think that this once great nation will be a third world country.

This will be the first president to ever weaken the United States of America. President Obama uses his aggression and arrogance for his own agenda, against the will of the American people when he should be using his will and aggression against our enemies.

Every loving American for peace and truth and the security of our nation must come out and join the Tea Parties in their states. The opposition will continue their tactics; they will lie and plant their own bullies amongst us. Everyone must pay close attention to who stands next to them. We can weed out the liars and agitators. Let us all stay in Gods light. Let no man put asunder. We can and we will prevail. God bless us all!”

H/T to Theodore’s World

Fighting Back – How to Confront the Liberal Agenda on their own Turf 

Since the railroading of the death care bill over the wishes of the majority of Americans, the LSM has upped its ongoing tactic to distract, marginalize and drown out the conservative voice, particularily Governor Palin’s. Media mouthpieces Curry, Mitchell, Sawyer, Couric, Maddow, et al, pick any day, another event, they blast away continually, savaging the conservative voice with ridicule, race baiting, and false claims of calls to violence by conservatives, ad nauseum.

How do we meet that? Set your sites on contacting the LSM broadcasting stations that promote false news, false witness, false reporting. Your target will be to zero in like crosshairs on reporters who use fear mongering and ridicule against everyday Americans who oppose their agenda.

STAND UP TO LEFT at every opportunity. Remember the motto of the Boy Scouts? BE PREPARED. Reload your talking points to keep them fresh and your powder dry. Be ready to denounce the liars of the left. They have been around a long time with their obnoxious and dangerous agenda. We are just getting started, propelled by the truth and a desire to remain free, honor liberty and continue the pursuit of our happiness on our own terms.

What is The DELPHI Technique?
Originally published in 1969 by the Rand Corporation

” The Delphi Technique was originally conceived as a way to obtain the opinion of experts without necessarily bringing them together face to face. In Educating for the New World Order by Bev Eakman, the reader finds reference upon reference for the need to preserve the illusion that there is “Lay, or community, participation in the decision-making process, while in fact lay citizens are being squeezed out.”

A specialized use of this technique was developed for teachers, the “Alinsky Method” (ibid., p. 123). The setting or group is, however, immaterial the point is that people in groups tend to share a certain knowledge base and display certain identifiable characteristics (known as group dynamics). This allows for a special application of a basic technique.

  1. The “change agent” or “facilitator” goes through the motions of acting as an organizer, getting each person in the target group to elicit expression of their concerns about a program, project, or policy in question. The facilitator listens attentively, forms “task forces,” “urges everyone to make lists,” and so on.
  2. While she is doing this, the facilitator learns something about each member of the target group. He/she identifies the “leaders,” the “loud mouths,” as well as those who frequently turn sides during the argument – the “weak or non-committal.”
  3. Suddenly, the amiable facilitator becomes “devil’s advocate.” He/she dons his professional agitator hat. Using the “divide and conquer” technique, he/she manipulates one group opinion against the other. This is accomplished by manipulating those who are out of step to appear “ridiculous, unknowledgeable, inarticulate, or dogmatic.”  He/she wants certain members of the group to become angry, thereby forcing tensions to accelerate.
  4. The facilitator is well trained in psychological manipulation. S/He is able to predict the reactions of each group member. Individuals in opposition to the policy or program will be shut out of the group.
  5. The desired result is for group polarization, and for the facilitator to become accepted as a member of the group and group process. He/she will then throw the desired idea on the table and ask for opinions during discussion. Very soon his/her associates from the divided group begin to adopt the idea as if it were their own, and pressure the entire group to accept the proposition.

The method works. It is very effective with parents, teachers, school children, and any community group. The “targets” rarely, if ever, know that they are being manipulated. If they do suspect this is happening, they do not know how to end the process.

This technique is a very unethical method of achieving consensus on a controversial topic in group settings. It requires well-trained professionals who deliberately escalate tension among group members, pitting one faction against the other, so as to make one viewpoint appear ridiculous so the other becomes “sensible” whether such is warranted or not.”


A Crisis of Consensus

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Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), eloquently speaks of the “crisis of consensus”, following the House Democrats vote, effectively forcing a government takeover the health care industry:

Rove to Palin: Get Ready

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 “Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was.” – Margaret Mitchell

As former governor Sarah Palin continues her full throttle 2010 speaking tour across the depth and breadth of America’s heartland, her campaign for the presidency could be viewed as underway.  In appearances from Florida to Montana, she is not only honing her policy statements but in the process earning respect from her political peers.  The latest support coming from Karl Rove: 

Rove to Palin: Get Ready, as posted on Politico, March 14, 2010

“Former George W. Bush political adviser Karl Rove said Sunday that the political winds will change a bit, but that 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, should get ready now, if she is planning for president to run in 2012. ”

One wonders, have the winds of political change picked up for out of the mainstream candidates like Governor Palin?  The Massachusetts voters seemed to think so in electing Scott Brown their Republican Senator, filling the seat of an incumbent that had been in Washington DC his entire political career.  As the number of voters disenchanted with the progressive Democratic regime and it’s spend thrift ways grows, and with each attempt to force legislation that Americans don’t want, the winds of change will indeed blow very hard.

“On the fate of the tea party movement, Rove said that a deep-pocketed figure like Ross Perot would be necessary to make the party a real threat in 2012.  But the movement has energized the left, right and independents to focus on government spending. ”

On that remark I disagree.  The deep pockets of the RNC, not a third-party candidate will overcome the current mess in Washington.  This is why it is SO IMPORTANT that the GOP further hardens its constitutional stance and quits backing weak candidates nominated by local committee members casting votes for future political favors.  America does not want the Coakley’s nor the Scozzafava’s — America is looking to the Rubio’s, the Brown’s, and the Palin’s as leaders.  Are you listening Michael?

Palin Supports the ATG

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Hey Myrtle!grab the PDS spray will yah? The lefties are at it, again

According to a tweet going around Leftist bloggers think recycling includes hashing up the same old, tiresome lies:  that during her tenure as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin tried to cut off benefits to the Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG).  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Attached is a copy of a letter from her office dated March 2009 asking the DOD to extend benefits until the DOD and Congress could rule on the matter.   Alaska Territorial Guard Map circa 1941

Governor Palin is and has always been a staunch supporter of the military, especially veterans.  You know, the men and women in uniform out there slogging through the dust and the mud, doing the dying, keeping us safe here back at home — while another anonymous blogger sits on their butt and publishes yet another lie about someone on the Internet? 

Hey anonymous lefty bloggers — STOP MAKING THINGS UP!  Libel laws are alive and well.  And despite attempts to discredit Governor Palin, her supporters and the law are NOT going away.  Psshhhtt!


If there is one thing I have learned in the last year and half, after having been ‘introduced’ to Sarah Palin via her speech at the RNC in September, 2008, is that they don’t call her the Arctic Fox for nothing.  Having returned from a little (I wonder if this can is too dented?) light grocery shopping today from a local downtown that looks and feels like a palpably deep recession, I checked my favorite blog spot for my daily news dose of our Sarah.  I immediately discovered that the former Governor of Alaska had signed a contract with the Fox News Channel as a guest correspondent!  My heart took an immediate nose dive and my ‘consistent other’ had to nose me with a ‘get a grip, it’s all for the good!‘  I thought, ‘oh no!’, they’ll marginalize her!’  And then I thought, but then they would take their liberal sights off her just long enough

In the end, I realized she will now, not only be able to beat her nightstick on the sidewalk for every treasonous move the Democrats make, but whack ’em one on their head.   She can say what she likes, showcase her knowledge of the issues, and keep drawing much-needed attention to the litany of misdeeds that characterize Washington these days.  Misdeeds that amount to an overflow of constitutional treason.  She can  help further the growth of the Tea Party Resistance movement through her speeches, and go on to build her war chest for 2012.  And now, not only through her book “Going Rogue”, and her very effective FaceBook postings, she will be helping her political credentials through the medium of television (to include Web video).  ‘And she’ll get paid too’, my consistent one seemed to remind me.

Through further reading, I then learned that it was Roger Aisles, now the President of Fox News who was the genius TV producer who helped erase Richard Nixon’s flaws through the medium of television.  Could this be another Palin coup?  This is not a marginal moment, such as a Tonight Show kind of TV gig, but as a contributor to a cable news program.  Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, et al, are also contributors.  This is big business, particularly on a news channel viewed by millions.   Therfore, fear not my fellow Resistance patriots.  After slogging past the comments left by Leftist trolls as their head’s explode with the news, I suddenly realized, ‘Oh my, it’s a good thing’.

“Hey, Dad”

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What are you going to be doing in 2010 to help restore our Republic to its rightful owners, We the People? 

We are all Rudy Now

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 “A conservative victory in 2010 is now imperative. No major social legislation like this has survived without bipartisan support. This DeathCare monster does not, nor does it deserve to survive. I realize it will be complicated but this sort of crap can, and will be, reversed. The job of a congress held by conservatives will be to make the Obama administration an ineffective, irrelevant cardboard cutout, they will hold down the fort until we can say the words “President Palin.” – Tammy Bruce

As anyone who is a fan of Governor Sarah Palin knows, one of her favorite movies is Rudy[i], a portrayal of a feisty underdog who against great odds finally makes the cut, leading his team to victory against an entrenched opponent.  Now, We the People having understudied all year at Tea Parties far and wide are ready to step into this role. We are the seemingly hopeless underdog, derided and ridiculed at every step by the Liberal Left and its media. Having practiced all year in all weathers, we are ready to step out onto our field of dreams under the spotlights of history.  The opposition we face is entrenched, hell bent on destroying our American dream, and who would rule our futures motivated by ‘rules for radicals’.  But we must not shrink back.  Even if the game calls made by the Main Stream Media (MSM) are unfair, constantly taunting us to cow our opposition, we must persevere. 

For we have an advantage. Linked together via the Internet, we finally got ourselves out of the locker room and onto the field.  We have read and studied their tactics, e.g., their Cloward-Piven[ii] “create a crisis” playbook: to invent a crisis, then throw large chunks of tax money at it, overwhelming the ability of the government to support it.  It is a strategy that intends to put our entire society on one form of social welfare or another through reckless spending. 

 Indeed, we have watched from the locker room all year as their team flagrantly abuses our tax money to fund their “get in line” organizations such as SEIU, ACORN, using paybacks in the form of pensions, perks and pay scales we can only dream of.  We have silently fumed as congressional servants amass and pass legislation bordering on unconstitutional control, while local stores and jobs disappear. We have watched with jaw-dropping umbrage as an imperial Congress continues to live it to the hilt in pay raises, government expansion, and corruption breathtaking in audacity, including a Democratic Congressman (Mark Baucus, MT) using our tax money to give his mistress a pay raise.  Even Bernie Madoff could recognize from a mile off that siphoning money from one coffer to pay another upon demand and living on the difference is indeed one big Ponzi scheme about to collapse.

Finally, after a year of disingenuous media nipping at our heels, we are beginning the serious work of organizing nationwide, naming our leaders, and preparing for our debut onto the field. We are suited up, and have offered our team prayers.  We know our game plan by heart:  to clean their clocks in the approaching elections of 2010.  We face an out of control government and a weak opposition in Congress, with party backers that seem to have any number of designations for us except ‘citizen’.  In this seeming first quarter, they have all but driven us back into our own end zone.  For many of us we have reached a point where we feel driven off a cliff and into a bottomless abyss of debt and unemployment from which it will be very tough to crawl our way back.   There is much at stake.

But just as Rudy made the cut for a “must do” team through sheer determination and guts, and even with our backs to the wall, we too must remain just as determined in 2010 to win back America.  It is indeed time to ‘win one for the Gipper.”  So that we can say, looking back from 2010-2012, that we the generation beget by the Greatest Generation, when our time came up to win, we hit it straight through the uprights and right out of the park.

[i] Rudy, a 1993 film directed by David Anspaugh is an account of the life of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, who harbored dreams of playing football at the University of Notre Dame despite significant obstacles.

[ii] Cloward-Piven is a strategy used to redistribute wealth into social programs funded through the state tax coffers.  “The socialist test case for using society’s poor and disadvantaged people as sacrificial “shock troops,” in accordance with the Cloward–Piven strategy, was demonstrated in 1975, when new prospective welfare recipients flooded New York City with payment demands, which may have contributed to the bankrupting of the state government.”