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Jobs, Grubmint Style

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Wasteful Spending

Lest you think the lowly administrative clerk doesn’t pay, well get a load of this pay rate courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers.  Actually it’s courtesy of your tax money:

Department: Department Of The Army
Agency: Army Corps of Engineers
Job Announcement Number:

“Administrative Support Assistant”

“SALARY RANGE: 42,209.00 – 54,875.00 USD per year”

Let’s see, that comes to around $20 – $26 an hour depending on your hire-in rate.  And that doesn’t include grubmint holidays, pension, nor health insurance for what is normally an $8 an hour job in fly-over country…unbelievable.  I hope Sarah considers cutting away at this kind of spending.  This is using the defense budget as reward money to progressive Loyalists, effectively making the middle class a bunch of wage mules so the bureau weenies can dole out favoritism in the form of high-end wages.