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Molly Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth, engraving by J.C. Armytage, c1859

Earlier in the week the guyz from the Hill Buzz put the rosettes on the cake in regards to the meaning of all the Tea Parties last year (2009):  that American’s of every political brand and color have resolved to come together into one movement to save our Republic from wholesale looting by the Leftist steamroll agenda.    Chicago Way, meet the Resistance movement. 

Every American who stood in a Tea Party gathering in their state in the rains of April, the searing heat of July, who marched down Pennsylvania Avenue on an overcast day in September, rallied on short notice at the Capital in November, and every other gathering in between, is a de facto member of this Resistance.  Any American who at Christmastime phoned the endless phone calls, read the near 3,000 page congressional bill-manifestos, and faxed the endless faxes to the idiots in Congress is part of the Resistance.   

These same Americans are now busily organizing from the ground up at formal bricks and mortar conferences, and even through informal grocery store conversations, ready to take back this country from the most corrupt set of politicians ever.  Those now in power who look down their noses at us and who are frittering away our economic future into a socialist mess will get to meet the Resistance again in the coming elections of 2010.  

 Note to LSM:  The “tea-bagging” mockery only helps further our resolve:    

“Whether Democrats or the MSM realize it or not, a Resistance Movement is forming in this country. Regular citizens are starting to band together in preparation to do what political leaders and those in government are too stupid to do: resist this current president’s desperate slouch towards socialism and his fey, effete, ludicrously naïve approach to Muslim terrorists.     

Islam wants to destroy the West.     

Islam is not a religion: it is a political, commercial, ideological, and criminal organization disguised as a religion so that it can use Liberals within our own borders as Fifth Column enablers of its attacks upon US interests.     

The Resistance needs a leader, and we hope Governor Palin stands up in 2010 and becomes that woman, so in 2012 she can become our president.” – Hill Buzz