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Looking back over the bitter political moonscape of 2008 followed by a stand-out book tour of 2009, we are now entering the breach of 2010, where Governor Palin’s speaking venues are fast filling up with the high-profile names of the Right: Liz Cheney, Fred Thompson, Michele Bachmann, Laura Bush, Tim Pawlenty, et al.

Karl Rove now offers her his advice to “Get Ready”, and Mitt Romney tenders grudging respect with ‘yes, she’s presidential caliber’ — oops, did I say “caliber”? What a long way you’ve come baby. Meanwhile, the targeting from the Left continues on unabated, (only just recently they’ve posted instructions to their minions to invade the Tea Parties, who seem loaded with a lot of granny-aged protestors, so this is going to get interesting?), as they pick through mostly garbage for anything, anything to throw at the majority Right.

One wonders why some of her supporters now turn their backs on her as she is “making too much money”, and ‘gone mainstream’ politically. Would they say the same of Mitt Romney, or Ron Paul? I doubt it.

But Ron Paul is not narrating a TV series on Americans at their best, not narrating a TV series about the beauty and wonders of the Last Frontier, not written the top non-fiction bestseller of 2009, not firing back on his Face Book against the leftist steamroll, and not tending to America’s desperate need right now to stay strong and confident about our future.

Americans feel cast adrift upon this the most ominous and tumultuous economic times for our baby-boomer generation, and who is our Captain? I’ll take Governor Palin any day over anything the Left has, ever.