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House GOP Leadership

 What is it about Governor Palin that she can get the word out on a simple Face Book “Notes” post, yet the entire GOP seems to struggle with getting its message out to the voters via its myriad websites and the wealth of its coffers at hand?  In posting the link to the GOP response, Gov. Palin is simply calling the bluff of the nincompoops in Washington (yep, Alinksky Tactic yada #12345: “force them to live by their own rules“). 

Hopefully the American people will visit the link she provided to see for themselves. We the voters must call Washington’s bluff at every opportunity, for as long as it takes the disingenuous anti-Constitutionalists currently running this country into the ground to realize that we are not going away simply because they give a speech. Perhaps her leadership and honesty, qualities sorely lacking today not only in the media and the Congress, but particularly from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are what does the trick?  

As posted by Sarah Palin on her FaceBook “Notes“, January 29, 2010

On Wednesday night, the president asked us to “let him know” if we had any better ideas, and today John Boehner handed him a compilation of the policy alternatives that have been advanced over the past year. These are ideas that deserve to be considered to turn down the volume on the rhetoric and use common sense. Please take a look at  

You can read the compilation of policy alternatives, called “Better Solutions,” here.   – Sarah Palin  


While reading the GOP “Better Solutions”, I felt as though I had stepped back into a time when Washington at least gave the appearance it had the taxpayers interests at heart in the wording, especially as I came across this nugget:

“Increasing Retirement Income by Reducing the Social Security Earnings Penalty.
Many Americans continue working into their mid-60s – out of financial necessity or as personal preference. Choosing to work and claim Social Security benefits before full retirement age, however, can result in losing $1 of benefits for every $2 of earnings in excess of $14,160 this year. Given the decline in value of other retirement savings as a result of the market, more workers who have not yet reached full retirement age need to increase their income now. Therefore, the Savings Recovery Act would double the Social Security earnings limit from $14,160 to $28,320 and allow more Americans to increase their income without being hit by the earnings penalty.”