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If there is one thing I have learned in the last year and half, after having been ‘introduced’ to Sarah Palin via her speech at the RNC in September, 2008, is that they don’t call her the Arctic Fox for nothing.  Having returned from a little (I wonder if this can is too dented?) light grocery shopping today from a local downtown that looks and feels like a palpably deep recession, I checked my favorite blog spot for my daily news dose of our Sarah.  I immediately discovered that the former Governor of Alaska had signed a contract with the Fox News Channel as a guest correspondent!  My heart took an immediate nose dive and my ‘consistent other’ had to nose me with a ‘get a grip, it’s all for the good!‘  I thought, ‘oh no!’, they’ll marginalize her!’  And then I thought, but then they would take their liberal sights off her just long enough

In the end, I realized she will now, not only be able to beat her nightstick on the sidewalk for every treasonous move the Democrats make, but whack ’em one on their head.   She can say what she likes, showcase her knowledge of the issues, and keep drawing much-needed attention to the litany of misdeeds that characterize Washington these days.  Misdeeds that amount to an overflow of constitutional treason.  She can  help further the growth of the Tea Party Resistance movement through her speeches, and go on to build her war chest for 2012.  And now, not only through her book “Going Rogue”, and her very effective FaceBook postings, she will be helping her political credentials through the medium of television (to include Web video).  ‘And she’ll get paid too’, my consistent one seemed to remind me.

Through further reading, I then learned that it was Roger Aisles, now the President of Fox News who was the genius TV producer who helped erase Richard Nixon’s flaws through the medium of television.  Could this be another Palin coup?  This is not a marginal moment, such as a Tonight Show kind of TV gig, but as a contributor to a cable news program.  Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, et al, are also contributors.  This is big business, particularly on a news channel viewed by millions.   Therfore, fear not my fellow Resistance patriots.  After slogging past the comments left by Leftist trolls as their head’s explode with the news, I suddenly realized, ‘Oh my, it’s a good thing’.