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Sarah Palin addressing a rally during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Sarah Palin addressing a rally during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Hidden in the comments of every good post (like this one from Hot Air), are gems like this one: 

“…Sarah is following the Reagan playbook to the letter and as another poster mentioned earlier IS NOT trying to reinvent the wheel. She knows what she is doing and is confident of what she is planning to do because as you say gary4205 it has worked in the past. And she is student of past success.

People often comment that Reagan’s advantage of being in the wilderness was that he was already a two-term governor and he was much older and more experienced than Palin. But what Reagan did not have was the complete assurance that his “wilderness” strategy would work and he was operating under late 1970’s communications and technology.

What Sarah has going for her is again a proven blueprint but even as important the use of 21st c technology (Internet, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, blackberries etc) that she can use to get her message out without having to rely on the MSM who frankly hate her guts because she is a Reagan conservative and a definite future threat to the Messiah in 2010 and 2012.

And being younger than Reagan she may not be as “experienced” but she does have his memoirs and books written about Reagan to fall back on and unlike Reagan in her mid-forties has a boundless amount of energy to “do what she must do”. Yes Reagan in his late 60’s also had a lot of energy but you cannot compare the energy of a senior citizen with that of someone who has not reached 50 yet and runs every day. Where Reagan would have tired more often, Sarah will not. This is an advantage that few talk of now but I know will pay dividends for Sarah down the road.

There is no substitute for youth but when you combine youth and superstardom it is a combination that few can compete with. Tiger Woods has been a dominant force in golf since 1999 when he was 23; no other golfer has even approached his greatness; and with Sarah I think it will be the same as the next couple of years unfold.

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The response by gary4205 on September 26, 2009 at 3:10 PM is fabulous:

“Well said, as usual!

Sarah has an X factor that few will ever have. Frankly, Obama seemed to have it to. Of course, he had the entire media pushing him to messiah status. Now the bloom is off the rose, and we see her really didn’t have anything at all.

In my 50 years, I’ve never seen someone so savaged as Sarah Palin. The left have thrown absolutely everything they have at her, to absolutely no effect. Sarah just shrugs it off and keeps coming. THAT is what makes her a superstar.

I still go back to her championship winning basketball game, where she broke her foot, and still played, eventually scoring the game winning points.

Then I go to the time she was fishing and two of the boats collided, and pinned her hand between them, breaking it. She went and got that looked at, and went right back to work.

That sort of stuff says a hell of a lot about who Sarah Palin is.

And yeah, her energy level is high. She is said to be a consummate multi-tasker. Her high energy level, that lust for life, will take her places that no other candidate can go.

Like Reagan, Sarah sees America as GOOD. We all know Obama and the rest of his communist hoard see America as basically evil, flawed beyond help. It’s why they want to destroy the country and “rebuild it” in their likeness.robertfrost

The American people see America the way Sarah sees America, and frankly, Sarah is the only one of the current “front runners” on our side that sounds the way she sounds. Sarah, like Reagan in his day, is optimistic. She makes you feel optimistic as well.

Right now, with Obama in office, we are facing some of Anmerica’s darkest days, her most troubling times. But when Sarah speaks of American exceptionalism, you just know we’ll get through this.

As Dr Zero wrote Sarah Plain is the Leader of the Free World.