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Teen Challenge USAConservatives 4 Palin is reporting today that former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin is planning (unconfirmed) on attending Teen Challenge, in Missoula, Montana on September 12, 2010. 

Teen Challenge is a faith-based recovery services organization that helps teenagers deal with life’s problems through Christian values. The event, called “Take a stand for God, Country and Family”, according to Mark Holyoak from Channel 8 KPAX, is “tentatively scheduled for Sunday, September 12th is at the Hilton Garden Inn in Missoula. Tickets go on sale later this week at the Garden of Read’n bookstore and Teen Challenge. Only 16-hundred tickets are available and 200 of them are already sold.”

We think Governor Palin has all the right moves going into 2010, particularly in her speaking engagements that support faith-based community initiatives.  Teen Challenge has been around since 1958 and “has had an 86% success rate nationally for many years”, according to their website.  Although it may gag some progressives that Christianity actually has a positive side, without faith in something we are left to ourselves in this crazy world.  Faith, however small, can lead to big changes in one’s life.