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We welcomed the voice of America’s Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher  as he returned the other day on American Thinker.  In his article, “Explaining the Tea Party Movement and the Bewilderment of the Political Class”, Joe carefully explains for the deaf and gonna be dumped Washington Elect just who is the political class called ‘Tea Party Activists’:  why I do believe it’s the American People just like Joe ‘splained.

“Can a plumber or carpenter, housewife or truck driver (clutching their bibles and guns as Mr. Obama once sneered) have anything much to add to the public policies developed at the seats of government and financial power? To those of us “out here” the righteously indignant answer is “yes”–and not a moment too soon.” – Joe Wurzelbacher

Can Spring be far behind?  Our thoughts now turn to the political landscape in Washington.  Thankfully, a much-needed almanac hit the shelves last winter for us old-time American political farmers to prosper by (Going Rogue: An American Tale).   It has much-needed helpful hints to guide our path by the stars above for what needs tending to down below. 

The Old Farmer’s Almanac might have forecast something like this for producing this year’s bumper crop of Tea Party candidates:   We have for so long left our country in the hands of politicians who have driven us to the brink of ruin, we now must reap what we have sown:  quack grass politicians, insidious weeds, whose roots run long and deep on nefarious runners.  Entirely a pernicious weed, pushing the sweet timothy and clover aside as it swallows up our granaries.  The government now is even attempting to control our water, claiming water rights are “a privilege”, granted by some bureaucrat?  

We must be more mindful of our how our political fields prosper (or not) as we head back to our victory gardens this spring.  We must be about our business of digging out the weeds that choke our country’s economic future, and planting new seed in fields ripe for harvest in 2010.