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Godzilla 2010

Posted: October 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Godzilla_collageThe Republican Party, like the Democratic Party ain’t what they used to be.  The Democratic Party that we knew and our parents would recognize is gone, swept away by American Idolists, and the insidious voter fraud of 2008 in Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Florida, et al, ala’ ACORN.  The new Democrats are Socialist Democratics bordering on facism, and hell bent to keep their status quo of impressed political correctness hovering over our schools, our courts, ad infinitum, on into our homes and families (e.g., the ramming through of the unconstitutional health care  laws of the Liberal Left  by congressional representatives who falsely claim they are representing the will of the American people.   Watch any town hall video and it sounds like these faux representatives have all had the same training:  to mis-represent and ignore the questions of voters as they attempt to pass legislation they haven’t even read or fully understand.)

Along the same vein, but on the opposite wall in the same dark, dank tunnel lies the current crop of wannabe’s of the Republican Party. These current masters of the GOP are busily re-inventing themselves to mirror the party of “We Won”, as lite-weight Democrats, now reviled for voting for some of the most absurd legislation to be trundled down the halls of Congress since you and I remembered voting in elections Maggie.  What the American people want most and need most and what seems to be missing from either party is a remedial dose of common sense conservatism, from fiscal policy to immigration.  The common sense that preserves freedom, not handouts.  The common sense that nutures the elevation of each of us on merit; that nutures the preservation of freedom.  Not fiscal enslavement to a one-size fits all model, where everyone and everything fits the same mold, all monitored, identified and pidgeonholed.  We don’t need or want ACORN Republicans supporting the demise of America as we knew it in order to “get re-elected”.   Take heed, “Republican in Name Only”, the voters are in a vengeful mood, preparing pink slips and “Dear John” letters to those who are most assuredly bent on undermining our long-lived American dream:

You’re not going to get re-elected RINO.   You’re going to get dumped, like a bad lover.

The milquetoast Republicans and the holier than thou Socialists who remain glued to their party platforms are in for a rude awakening.  Across the blogging, twittering, face booking hinterlands of America the barriers of party for the moment are not as important as sharing what is happening to our liberties, what is undermining the American dream as we remembered it, a dream that has been quietly disappearing since late autumn of 2008.  Now, almost a year later in reaction to the most absurd (dis)administration to encumbent themselves into Washington, America’s voting mainstream clobbered down on Washington on 9.12.2009, and We the People  are not in a happy mood.  We don’t like being used, bashed, ridiculed or pushed around.  And as 2010 looms large in the coming elections, the disgust of the American people for the lying, cheating, stealing corpulus of Washington — a skank-ridden corpulus that  is going to be disinterred, election by election.  Elections that are set to play out to favor every fiscally and morally responsible challenger who dare step up to the plate, to remove every corrupt “who cares what the people want’ encumbent. 

The American people are disgusted not only by the czars in power telling us what light bulbs we will use, but by the weak-kneed republicanism of the sitting Right.  And we as American voting patriots who supported the Tea Parties, and Sarah Palin in the last election, we will be paying attention to and asking lots of questions, right up in the face of each and every up and coming candidate claiming to speak for us: 

 The resurgence of the conservative center will come from the bottom up (grassroots), not by top down, over-fed, over buttoned, over-perked royalty squatting in our Congress because that sucking sound you hear as McCain clomps around building his GOP palace is the middle class going down the shitter. Godzilla 2010.

— Granola Conservative