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Another encroachment. Yes, I totally loathe knock-off sites, and giving these cockroaches a heads up they are about to be squashed is tantamount to giving them a chance to throw the goods in the truck and drive off.  But the important point that did come up in this post by Mike Flynn was to prompt the everyday citizen to ask, “why oh why is the so called DHS (Department of Homeland Iniquities?) now about the business of seizing websites?”

What started as President George W. Bush’s slight crack in the door via the Patriot Act, has been morphed by the current regime into outright in your face acts of government bullying.  I seem to recall the Founding Fathers mentioning that trading certain liberties for safety inevitably lead to the loss of even more liberty, inch by inch, bureaucracy by bureaucracy.  This time it’s using fake merchandise and copyright infringement as the latest excuse to overreach the boundaries of our legal system.  Without prior notice to the site owners, the sites were shut down and DHS emblems posted on them.  Who decided the warrantless fate of these sites?  READ MORE…