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Bruce’s Rule

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Lame Stream Media
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Apparently, the media rules for reporting on the Palin’s (throw out the wild supposition first, stick to tepid fact checking, ignore the obvious) fell to Fox News this morning.  (We think these same rules are equally applied by CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and CBS on their under-reporting on the illegal activities of ACORN, manufactured global warming data, bribery and undue influence for votes by the Obama administration, etc., etc., etc., but I digress.)

And so in exasperated response to this morning’s story from Fox News that had some of her staunchest supporters ready to tear a hole in the Palinsphere, the honorable Tammy Bruce has proclaimed “Bruce’s Rule.”  The only caveat we need these days in response to ‘huh?’, for Palin stories: 1) wait, and 2) wait a little more.  That way the real reporters, that is, the citizen media, including bloggers like Conservatives 4 Palin, Tammy Bruce, Hillbuzz, Team Sarah, and all the other blogger/journalists out doing the real work will have time to verify the facts.

“Look, there has not been one ridiculous story/rumor/gossip about Palin and her family, starting with the 2008 campaign, that hasn’t been found false. So here’s the New Rule–if you hear something that sounds stupid, or ridiculous or makes it sound like Sarah Palin has somehow lost her mind, that’s your cue that it’s a false story, engineered to make it sound like, uh, Palin has lost her mind.” – Tammy Bruce

Well there.